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Similar to the Wold Newton family by Philip José Farmer, Bonaventure-Carmody is about a family of adventurers that has many far-flung descendants.


  • Paragaea: A Planetary Romance (Pyr, May 2006)
  • Any Time at All: The Lives and Time of Roxanne Bonaventure (Clockwork Storybook, September 2002) (with a cover by John Picacio)
    • Here, There & Everywhere - greatly expanded reprint of Any Time At All (Pyr, April 2005) (with a similar cover by John Picacio)
  • Set the Seas on Fire (Clockwork Storybook, December 2001)
    • Set the Seas on Fire - greatly exanded and reprinted (Solaris, 2007)
  • Voices of Thunder (Clockwork Storybook, February 2001)
    • Book of Secrets - expanded reprint of Voices of Thunder (Angry Robot, August 2009)
  • End of the Century (Pyr, 2008)

Short stories

  • A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows in Masked (previously known as With Great Power) (Pocket Books, 2010)
  • Edison's Frankenstein in PostScripts (forthcoming)
  • Ill Met in Elvera on
  • Death on the Crosstime Express in Sideways in Crime by Lou Anders (ed.) (Solaris, 2008)
  • The Jewel of Leystall in Cross Plains Universe (MonkeyBrain Books, 2006)
  • The Funeral Affair
  • Secret Histories: Peter R. Bonaventure, 1885 in Cybermancy Incorporated
  • Secret Histories: Lord John Carmody, 1939 in Cybermancy Incorporated
  • Rogues Gallery: Aria Fox in Cybermancy Incorporated

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