Chokkanatha Nayak - The Marathas Seize His Country

The Marathas Seize His Country

While Chokkanatha thus sat helpless behind his defences, matters were taken out of his hands by the more virile actors upon this curious scene. The Marathas, who were now established in Gingee as well as Tanjore, inflicted a crushing defeat on the Mysore troops and drove them out of almost every corner of the Madura and Trichinopoly districts. Madura itself they were unable to capture, for the Maravans, regarding the men of Mysore as on the whole more eligible neighbours than the Marathas, helped the former to hold that fortress. The latter had pretended to be, and laid siege to Trichinopoly itself. In despair at their treachery, Chokkantha died of a broken heart in 1682.

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