Chivalric Sagas

The riddarasögur, sagas of knights or chivalric sagas are Norse sagas of the romance genre. Starting in the 13th century with translations of French chansons de geste the genre soon expanded to indigenous creations in a similar style. While the riddarasögur were widely read in Iceland for many centuries they are usually regarded as popular literature inferior in artistic quality to the Icelanders' sagas and other indigenous genres. Receiving little attention from scholars of Old Norse literature many remain untranslated.

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Chivalric Sagas - Original Compositions
... The following is a partial list of original Icelandic chivalric sagas which have been published ... Adonias saga Ála flekks saga Blómstrvallasaga Bærings saga Dámusta saga Dínus saga drambláta Drauma-Jóns saga Ectors saga Flóres saga konungs ok sona hans ...

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