Chinon Nuclear Power Plant - Reactors


Unit Type Net power Total power Construction start Construction finish Commercial operation Shut down
Chinon A1 Magnox-Reactor 70 MW 80 MW 01.02.1957 14.06.1963 01.02.1964 16.04.1973
Chinon A2 Magnox-Reactor 210 MW 230 MW 01.08.1959 24.02.1965 24.02.1965 14.06.1985
Chinon A3 Magnox-Reactor 480 MW 480 MW 01.03.1961 04.08.1966 04.08.1966 15.06.1990
Chinon B1 PWR 905 MW 954 MW 01.03.1977 30.11.1982 01.02.1984 Qualified to operate until 2024
Chinon B2 PWR 905 MW 954 MW 01.03.1977 29.11.1983 01.08.1984 Qualified to operate until 2024
Chinon B3 PWR 905 MW 954 MW 01.10.1980 20.10.1986 04.03.1987 Qualified to operate until 2027
Chinon B4 PWR 905 MW 954 MW 01.02.1981 14.11.1987 01.04.1988 Qualified to operate until 2028

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