Chinese Turret Ship Zhenyuan

Chinese Turret Ship Zhenyuan

Zhenyuan (Chinese: 鎮遠; Wade-Giles: Chen Yuen) was a German-built Chinese Beiyang Fleet turret ship of the 19th century. Her sister ship was the Dingyuan. Built with 14-inch (360 mm) thick armour and modern Krupp guns, they were superior to any in the Imperial Japanese Navy at the time.

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Chinese Turret Ship Zhenyuan - Service Life - Japanese Service
... in 1896/7 and commissioned under the name Chin'en (the Japanese rendition of the ship's original Chinese name), Zhenyuan was the only battleship in ... One gun remained in a small nose gun turret however, her rear turret was removed, with the stern gun mounted behind a gun shield ... The remaining 6-inch guns were retained in the massive turret behind the bridge ...

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