China Sky - Characters


  • Sara Durand - 28-year-old American doctor in charge of the women's ward at the hospital in Chen-li.
  • Gray Thomison - American doctor who built the hospital in Chen-li and is resident in charge of the hospital.
  • Siu-mei (Ling) - young Chinese intern in the women's hospital. Dr. Chung courts her because she is from a wealthy family. Her father, Mr. Ling, does not approve, but does not interfere; he tells Chen-ta, "her choice is not mine."
  • Dr Chung, Chung Ming-liang or Chung En-liu - a traitorous Chinese doctor, about age 31, just out of American medical school.
  • Louise Thomison - Gray Thomison's pretty American wife, a New York socialite.
  • Siao Fah - Gray's Chinese cook-boy; "squat, pock-marked"; dedicated to Gray, disdainful of Louise.
  • Chen-ta, the Eagle - chief of the Tong Mountain guerrillas, Chinese fighters near Chen-li. He is attracted to Siu-mei when he meets her at the hospital.
  • Yasuda - Chen-ta's injured Japanese prisoner, a powerful and well-educated fighter who speaks four languages, including English, but no Chinese.
  • Ya-ching - a "pale and pock-marked" nurse who is in love with Dr. Chung until he spurns her and their unborn child.
  • Chung Third - Dr Chung's younger brother, who joins Chen-ta's guerrillas to learn their plans and pass this information to Dr. Chung for Yasuda.
  • Harry Delafield - an English businessman working in nearby Treaty Port who becomes attached to Louise.
  • Mr. Ling - Siu-mei's father, a respected elder in Chen-li who admires Chen-ta.

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