Chimnaji Damodar - Later Life

Later Life

In 1707, when Shahu was released by Mughals, Chimnaji Damodar left Tarabai and joined Shahu.

He contributed a lot in Shahu’s victory against Tarabai at Khed as a result of which Shahu appointed him as Mutalik (Deputy Prime Minister). Subsequently, he was appointed to the prestigious post of Rajadnya(Deputy to the Crown). In 1718-1719, he accompanied Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath in his expedition to Delhi. In 1720, after Balaji Vishwanath’s death, Bajirao became the new Peshwa over objections raised by Damodar that Bajirao lacked the experience required for such a responsible post. As a result, he withdrew himself from Emporer Shahu’s court.

In 1727, Chhatrapati Sambhaji II appointed him as Peshwa of Kolhapur state. In 1731, he joined hands with Dabhade and fought with Bajirao at Dabhai but lost. However, since then his relations with Bajirao went on improving till the end of his life. He had one son named Balwantrao Damodar.

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