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Robert Taft, Sr. - Early History
... Several of Robert Taft I's children were born at Braintree ... Several of their children were born at Braintree ... Robert and Sarah had five children ...
Mary "Polly" Young - Family
... c.1762–1800) and Toofaiti (c.1773–1831) had four children, all born on Pitcairn Polly (c.1794–1843), George (c.1797–1831), Robert (c.1799–1831) and William, Mary Young's father (1799–1839 ... Quintal (1791–1814), the eldest of five children born to Bounty mutineer Matthew Quintal (1766–1799) and his Tahitian wife Tevarua (1774–1799) ... William Young and, between 1823 and 1837, bore seven children Mayhew (died following birth in 1823), Mary, her first daughter, then William Mayhew (1827–1876), Miriam (1829–1911), twins Lydia (1832–1883) and ...
Alcoholism In Family Systems - Children - Prevalence of Abuse
... Over one million children yearly are confirmed as victims of child abuse and neglect by state child protective service agencies ... Studies were done comparing children who were born into a family with an alcoholic parent and raised by adoptive (non-alcoholic) parents as compared to children born to non-alcoholic ... The results (in US and Scandinavian studies) were that those adopted children born of an alcoholic parent (and adopted by non-alcoholic parents ) developed ...
Born In The Purple
... Traditionally, born in the purple was a category of members of royal families born during the reign of their parents ... This was later expanded to include all children born of prominent or high ranking parents ... A child born before the parents become prominent would not be "born in the purple." Compare this with his grandfather, the old Emperor, who, if he had not been born in the purple, could only ...
Birthright Citizenship In The United States - Current U.S. Law - Statute, By Parentage - Children Born Overseas Out of Wedlock
... There is an asymmetry in the way citizenship status of children born overseas to unmarried parents, only one of whom is a U.S ... § 1409 paragraph (c) provides that children born abroad after December 24, 1952 to unmarried American mothers are U.S ... § 1409 paragraph (a) provides that children born to American fathers unmarried to the children's non-American mothers are considered U.S ...

Famous quotes containing the words born and/or children:

    I was born upon thy bank, river,
    My blood flows in thy stream,
    And thou meanderest forever
    At the bottom of my dream.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Parents’ accepting attitudes can help children learn to be open and tolerant. Parents can explain unfamiliar behavior or physical handicaps and show children that the appropriate response to differences should be interest rather than revulsion.
    Dian G. Smith (20th century)