Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Gardens

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Gardens (507 acres) is a nonprofit nature center with botanical gardens located on the grounds of the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute, on Highway 118 about 4 miles (6.4 km) south of Fort Davis, Texas, United States. They are open Monday through Saturday, except major holidays. An admission fee is charged.

The nature center is located at elevation of 5,040 feet (1,540 m) in the Chihuahuan Desert. It contains over 3 miles (4.8 km) of hiking trails, and features springs and pools, interesting geology, and local flora and fauna, including the Montezuma Quail and some of the largest madrone trees in Texas.

The center's botanical gardens (20 acres) include some 165 species of trees, shrubs, and perennial forbs of the Chihuahuan Desert, as well as a greenhouse containing about 200 species of Chihuahuan Desert cacti.

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