Chief Minister - Chief Ministers Around The World

Chief Ministers Around The World

  • Chief Minister of Anguilla
  • Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory
  • Chief Minister of the Northern Territory of Australia
  • Chief Minister of Norfolk Island (Australia)
  • Chief Minister of Guernsey
  • Chief Minister of Gibraltar
  • Chief Minister (India)
  • Chief Minister of Jersey
  • Chief Minister of the Isle of Man
  • Chief Minister of Montserrat
  • Chief Ministers of Malaysia
  • Chief Minister of Singapore
  • Chief Ministers of Sri Lanka
  • Chief Ministers of Pakistan

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    ... teaching to me was anathema, chiefly because it would condemn me to a world of petticoats.
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    God protect us from the efficient, go-getter businesswoman whose feminine instincts have been completely sterilized. Wherever women are functioning, whether in the home or in a job, they must remember that their chief function as women is a capacity for warm, understanding and charitable human relationships.
    Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)

    Only men of moral and mental force, of a patriotic regard for the relationship of the two races, can be of real service as ministers in the South. Less theology and more of human brotherhood, less declamation and more common sense and love for truth, must be the qualifications of the new ministry that shall yet save the race from the evils of false teaching.
    Fannie Barrier Williams (1855–1944)