Chico, Washington

Chico is an CDP in Kitsap County, Washington, United States. Named in 1889 for a local Indian, Chico is located on the Dyes Inlet waterfront to the southeast of Silverdale. Most of Chico's residents commute to work in nearby Silverdale or Bremerton. At the 2010 census the community had a population of 2,259.

Because of Chico's status as an unincorporated community, its borders are loosely defined, however, the United States Census now has recognized the community. The northern border is generally understood to be delineated by Newberry Hill Road, which separates Chico from Silverdale. Chico Creek is the boundary between Chico on the north and Erlands Point-Kitsap Lake to the south. Washington State Route 3 serves as Chico's western border, and Dyes Inlet lies to its east.

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