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Chick Tract - Parodies and Popular Culture
... cartoonists have published parodies of Chick tracts that mimic their familiar layout and narrative conventions ... Chick's work and a concordance of terms and concepts used in his comics, has dimensions and covers that imitate a Chick tract ... Hot Chicks is a collection of nine short films, each based on a Chick Tract ...
Chick Tract - Style and Themes - Anti-Catholicism
... At least twenty Chick tracts have Catholicism as their subject or as a major theme, including Are Roman Catholics Christians? (arguing that they are not), The Death Cookie(a polemic against the ... Chick also expounds his anti-Catholic views in several comics and other books, including defending the controversial Alberto Rivera ... Chick also asserts that the Catholic Church, in a grand conspiracy, created "Three Deadly Daughters," namely Islam, Communism, and Nazism ...
Jack T. Chick - Career - Chick Publications
... Chick Publications has released over twenty "Chick comics" since its founding in 1970 ... from the King James Version of the Bible (Chick is pro-King James Onlyism), one relaying the claims of Charles Chiniquy regarding Catholicism, and one detailing ... Chick Publications also distributes "Chick tracts," small comic tracts with religious messages ...

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