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Pearson's Chi-squared Test
... Pearson's chi-squared test (χ2) is the best-known of several chi-squared tests (Yates, likelihood ratio, portmanteau test in time series, etc.) – statistical procedures whose ... and its distribution, names similar to Pearson X-squared test or statistic are used ...
Pearson's Chi-squared Test - Definition - Test For Fit of A Distribution - Calculating The Test-statistic
... The chi-squared statistic can then be used to calculate a p-value by comparing the value of the statistic to a chi-squared distribution ... data was multinomial and hence the estimated parameters are efficient for minimizing the chi-squared statistic ... estimation does not coincide with minimum chi-squared estimation, the distribution will lie somewhere between a chi-squared distribution with and degrees of freedom (See ...
G-test - Relation To The Chi-squared Test
... The commonly used chi-squared tests for goodness of fit to a distribution and for independence in contingency tables are in fact approximations of the log-likelihood ratio on which the G-tests are based ... The general formula for Pearson's chi-squared test statistic is The approximation of G by chi squared is obtained by a second order Taylor expansion of the natural logarithm around 1 ... of a reasonable size, the G-test and the chi-squared test will lead to the same conclusions ...

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