Chestnut Blight

The pathogenic fungus Cryphonectria parasitica (formerly Endothia parasitica) is a member of the Ascomycota (sac fungi) taxon, and is the main cause of chestnut blight, a devastating disease of the American chestnut tree that caused a mass extinction in the early 1900s of this once plentiful tree from its historic range in the eastern United States.

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Chestnut - Cultivation, Pests and Diseases - Diseases
... Chestnut blight fungus (Cryphonectria parasitica) (formerly Endothia parasitica) affects chestnut trees ... Early in the 20th century, chestnut blight destroyed about four billion American chestnut trees, and reduced the most important tree throughout the East Coast to an insignificant presence ... The American chinkapins are also very susceptible to chestnut blight ...
American Chestnut - Chestnut Blight - Surviving Specimens
... About 2,500 chestnut trees are growing on 60 acres near West Salem, Wisconsin, which is the world's largest remaining stand of American chestnut ... late 1800s, Hicks planted less than a dozen chestnuts ... Planted outside the natural range of chestnut, these trees escaped the initial onslaught of chestnut blight, but in 1987, scientists found blight in the stand ...
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station - Timeline of Significant Events
1907 Chestnut blight first seen in Connecticut ... Horsfall for early blight on tomato and potato. 1975 Biological control of chestnut blight was demonstrated using hypovirulence, which was associated with dsRNA transmitted by hyphal anastomosis ...
Chestnut Blight - Hybrid Chestnut Trees
... In the years since the chestnut blight, many scientists and botanists have worked to create a resistant hybrid chestnut tree that retains the main characteristics of the American ... In the early 1950s, James Carpenter discovered a large living American chestnut in a grove of dead and dying trees in Salem, Ohio that showed no evidence of blight infection ... Dunstan grafted the scions onto chestnut rootstock and the trees grew well ...

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