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Gifu Gokoku Shrine - Cherry Blossoms
... Gifu Gokoku Shrine is well known for its cherry blossoms (sakura) in the spring ... The cherry trees received their names because it is said that their blossoms can indicate the amount of ayu caught during the upcoming cormorant fishing (u ...
Hirosaki University - Community Information - Festivals
... has a 400 year old history and is famous for apples and sakura (cherry blossoms) and Hirosaki Castle ... Hirosaki's castle and cherry blossoms are very beautiful and the cherry blossoms were selected as one of the "Top 100 Cherry Blossoms Sites in Japan." This year over three million of people ... is different because the flowering period of the cherry blossoms is different every year ...
Cherry Blossom (disambiguation)
... Cherry blossom or Sakura is the blossom of cherry trees, genus Prunus ... Cherry blossom or Cherry blossoms may also refer to Cassia javanica subsp ... nodosa, Palawan cherries, also called appleblossom shower, and Javanese cassia Cherry Blossoms (marriage agency), a marriage agency Sakura (cigarette), Japanese cigarettes ...
List Of Soul Reapers In Bleach - Soul Reaper Characters - Sixth Division - Byakuya Kuchiki
... is Senbonzakura (千本桜?, "A Thousand Cherry Blossoms") he releases it with the command "scatter" (散れ, chire?) ... Kageyoshi (千本桜景厳?, "Vibrant Display Of One Thousand Cherry Blossoms") and is similar, but it is much more powerful and harder to escape, due to the large increase in blades and ... speed running away long enough to create a huge net of cherry blossoms and trap the opponent, thus killing or mortally injuring them ...
Boys Be... - Episode List and Thematic Quotes
... a season and also has a quote associated with it Episode # Title Quote Spring Chapter 1 Cherry Blossoms "Cherry blossoms, the noble flower, witness to many an encounter ... Cherry blossoms, the vain flower, have watched many a farewell ... called spring." Official translation (English dub) "Cherry blossoms, the reagle flowers that has witnessed countless encounters throughout the ages ...

Famous quotes containing the words blossoms and/or cherry:

    cover the pale blossoms of your breast
    With your dim heavy hair,
    And trouble with a sigh for all things longing for rest
    The odorous twilight there.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Lay down, lay down the bigly bier,
    Lat me the dead look on;
    Wi’ cherry cheeks and ruby lips
    She lay an’ smil’d on him.

    O ae sheave o’ your bread, true-love,
    An’ ae glass o’ your wine,
    For I hae fasted for your sake
    These fully day [is] nine.
    Anna Gordon Brown (1747–1810)