Chengzhi Co., Ltd

Chengzhi Co., Ltd is a technology company of the People's Republic of China, established on 9 October 1998. Based in Jiangxi, they were formed by the provincial government in cooperation with Beijing's Tsinghua University. In May 2004, investors, believing the cooperation between Chengzhi and Tsinghua was coming to an end, sold Chengzhi shares, causing it to drop to the lower trading halt price. However, company officials emphasised in an interview that their cooperation with Tsinghua remained unaffected.

In March 2007, Chengzhi announced that they would sell an additional 45 million shares in a non-public offering aimed at specific investors, at a price no lower than 90% of the stock's average price in the previous 20 days. This was later expanded to 80 million shares. The shares were finally issued in August 2007.