Chengzhi may refer to:

  • Chengzhi Co., Ltd, a Chinese technology company based in Jiangxi
  • Liao Chengzhi (1908-1983), Communist Party of China leader who played an important role in Sino-Japanese relations
  • Zhang Chengzhi (1949- ), China's most popular Muslim writer

Other articles related to "chengzhi":

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
... served as its first head from October 1949 to April 1959, after which her son Liao Chengzhi took over the position of head until the abolishment of the office in June 1970 ... the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in 1978, Liao Chengzhi also became its first head ... Liao Chengzhi's son Liao Hui also joined the office as vice-director in 1983, and was promoted to director in May 1984 ...
Sino-Japanese Journalist Exchange Agreement - 1964 Memorandum of Agreement
... Liao Chengzhi (廖承志, a son of Liao Zhongkai), the president of the Sino-Japanese Friendship Society, and Tatsunosuke Takasaki ... The members of both the Liao Chengzhi Office and the Tatsunosuke Takasaki Office held a meeting regarding journalism between China and Japan ... Attendees of this meeting were For China - Liao Chengzhi (廖承志), Sun Pinghua (孫平化), Wang Xiaoyun (王暁雲) ...
Sword Stained With Royal Blood - Plot
... Set in the late Ming Dynasty, the story centers on Yuan Chengzhi, the son of Yuan Chonghuan, a patriotic military commander who was wrongly put to death by the Chongzhen Emperor ... An orphan, Yuan Chengzhi is sent to the Mount Hua Sect, where he is tutored in martial arts by Mu Renqing ... Yuan Chengzhi inherits Xia Xueyi's possessions and skills and he becomes more powerful than before ...
Chengzhi Co., Ltd
... Chengzhi Co ... In May 2004, investors, believing the cooperation between Chengzhi and Tsinghua was coming to an end, sold Chengzhi shares, causing it to drop to the lower ... In March 2007, Chengzhi announced that they would sell an additional 45 million shares in a non-public offering aimed at specific investors, at a price no ...