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The Chemical Brothers - History - The Dust Brothers (1992–1994)
... It contained the ground-breaking "Chemical Beats", which epitomized the duo's genre-defining big beat sound, later taken up by Fatboy Slim and many more ... Both "One Too Many Mornings" and "Chemical Beats" would later appear on their debut album ... Chemical Beats" was also part of the soundtrack for the first edition of the Wipeout games series, having been featured in Wipeout for the PlayStation ...
The Best... Album In The World...Ever! - The Best... Album in The World... Ever! - Volume 3 (1996) - Disc 2
... Elastica - "Stutter" Skunk Anansie - "Selling Jesus" The Chemical Brothers - "Chemical Beats" (Dave Clarke Remix) 60ft Dolls - "Stay" Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream" Gene - "For the Dead" Dreadzone - "Life Love ... The Chemical Brothers are credited as simply 'Chemical Brothers' ... Although the Dave Clarke remix of "Chemical Beats" is featured, this is only mentioned in the booklet, and the back cover just simply lists "Chemical Beats" without mention of the remix ...
Fourteenth Century Sky
... Fourteenth Century Sky is an EP by English big beat duo The Chemical Brothers, their second release under the name The Dust Brothers ... The EP contains "Chemical Beats" and "One Too Many Mornings", later released on the Brothers' debut album Exit Planet Dust ... The version of "Chemical Beats" is the full-length version, with an extended intro ...

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