Chartist may refer to:

  • Chartist (occupation), a person who uses charts for technical analysis
  • Chartist (magazine), a British social democratic periodical
  • An adherent of Chartism, a 19th-century political and social reform movement in the UK
  • Cartista, a member of Portuguese political movement which arose in the 1820s (sometimes rendered as "Chartist" in English)

Other articles related to "chartist, chartists":

James Stephens (trade Unionist) - Newport Chartist
... He joined the Chartist movement and was one of the participants in Newport Rising and the riot and retaliation at the Westgate Hotel when soldiers fired on the crowd ... dismissed when it became known that he was a Chartist ...
Chartist (magazine)
... Chartist is a bi-monthly democratic socialist magazine which has been published in Britain since the 1970s ... Chartist defines its policy as being "to promote debate amongst people active in radical politics about the contemporary relevance of democratic socialism across the spectrum of ...
Chartist (occupation)
... A chartist (also known as a technical trader or technical analyst) is one who utilizes charts to assess patterns of activity that might be helpful in making future predictions ... Most commonly, chartists use technical analysis in the financial world to evaluate financial securities ... For example, a chartist may plot past values of stock prices in an attempt to denote a trend from which he or she might infer future stock prices ...
Newport Rising - Events Leading Up To The Rising
... Many had been ambivalent to the Chartist cause in the first place, more concerned with the immediate problems of their own employment conditions ... Rumours of a possible Chartist rising and previous violence elsewhere, following the earlier arrest of Chartist leader Henry Vincent and his imprisonment at the gaol in Monmouth ... (Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot in the Westgate Hotel where the Chartist prisoners were held ...