Charles Widmore

Charles Widmore is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost, which chronicles the lives of over forty people after their plane crashes on a remote island somewhere in the south Pacific. He is primarily portrayed by Alan Dale; Tom Connolly and David S. Lee portray him as a young and middle-aged man, respectively.

Charles is a member of the island's native population, the Others, and serves as their leader until he is banished from the island. He is the father of Penelope Widmore (Sonya Walger) and Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), although he is estranged from both of them. The character is first introduced in the second season finale as a wealthy industrialist, who disapproves of the relationship between his daughter and Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick). After being mostly depicted in Desmond's flashbacks, his role expanded throughout the fourth season, where he was introduced as one of the primary antagonists of the show.

Alan Dale has received praise for his performance, and critics have also responded positively to the mystery surrounding the character.

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... Ben Rawson-Jones of Digital Spy wrote that, because of Dale's portrayal, "Widmore is far from the one-dimensional bad guy, as a certain degree of humanity has shone ... see Alan Dale in this role, and speculated of Widmore's connection to the island ... Many reviewers were unsurprised at the revelation that Widmore sent the freighter to the island ...
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... born to Eloise Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan) and Charles Widmore (Alan Dale), both of whom were Others ... girlfriend Theresa Spencer, Daniel was offered a £1.5 million grant by industrialist Charles Widmore ... The funds for her continuing care were provided by Charles Widmore ...
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... Locke (Terry O'Quinn) walked into the camp, having followed a young Charles Widmore (younger, Tom Connolly older, Alan Dale) to their location ... Shortly after this exchange, Alpert tells several of the Others he did not answer to Charles Widmore or to Ellie (Alice Evans), then leader of the Others ... Regardless, he was briefly berated by a middle-aged Charles Widmore (David S ...

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