Charles Stewart (Canadian Politician) - Electoral Record - As MP


1935 Canadian federal election results (Jasper—Edson)
Social Credit Walter Frederick Kuhl 7,208 49.1%
Liberal Charles Stewart 5,405 36.8%
CCF George Elzy Bevington 2,067 14.1%
1930 Canadian federal election results (Edmonton West)
Liberal Charles Stewart 9,223 50.7%
Conservative Frederick C. Jamieson 8,960 49.3%
1926 by-election results (Edmonton West)
Liberal Charles Stewart Acclaimed
1926 Canadian federal election results (Edmonton West)
Liberal Charles Stewart 7,223 55.6%
Conservative Frederick C. Jamieson 5,772 44.4%
1925 Canadian federal election results (Edmonton West)
Liberal Charles Stewart 6,394 48.8%
Conservative James McCrie Douglas 4,706 35.9%
Labour James East 2,007 15.3%
1922 by-election results (Argenteuil)
Liberal Charles Stewart Acclaimed

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