Charles H. Lindsey

Charles Hodgson Lindsey is a British computer scientist, most known for his involvement with the programming language Algol 68.

He was an editor of the Revised Report on Algol 68, and co-wrote a ground breaking book on the language An Informal Introduction to Algol 68 ISBN 0-7204-0726-5, which was unusual because it was written so that you could read it 'horizontally' (i.e. in the normal manner) or 'vertically' (i.e. starting with section 1.1, then 2.1, then 3.1, etc., before going back to section 1.2, then 2.2, and so on) depending on how you wanted to learn the language.

He was responsible for the research implementation of Algol 68 for the experimental MU5 computer at Manchester University, and still maintains an implementation of a subset called Algol 68S.

He wrote up the complete History of ALGOL 68 in

Lindsey, C.H., A History of ALGOL 68, contained in "History of Programming Languages-II" (Eds T.J.Bergin & R.G.Gibson), ACM Press, 1996, ISBN 0-201-89502-1.

He is part of the team restoring Hartree's Differential Analyser at Manchester Museum of Science and Technology.