Charles E. Smith

Charles E. Smith may refer to:

  • Charles E. Smith (P&R president) (1820–1900), president of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
  • Charles Emory Smith (1842–1908), American journalist and political leader
  • Charles Emrys Smith, British academic, economist, educator, author
  • Charles E. Smith (basketball), American professional NBA player and 1988 Summer Olympics bronze medalist
  • Charles E. Smith (developer). American real estate developer and philanthropist in the Washington DC area
  • Charles E. Smith (engineer) (1934–2005), professor of electrical engineering at the University of Mississippi
  • Charles Smith (sailor) (1889–1969), American sailor who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics
  • Charles E. Smith Co.

Famous quotes containing the word smith:

    Coleridge received the Person from Porlock
    And ever after called him a curse,
    Then why did he hurry to let him in?
    He could have hid in the house.
    —Stevie Smith (1902–1971)