Charles C. Smith - Politics


  • C. A. Smith (born 1895), British socialist and anti-communist activist
  • Charles Abercrombie Smith, scientist, politician and civil servant of the Cape Colony
  • Charles Aurelius Smith (1861–1916), former Governor of South Carolina
  • Charles A. Smith (Canadian politician) (1845–?), merchant and political figure in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Charles Bennett Smith (1870–1939), U.S. Representative from New York
  • Charles Brooks Smith (1844–1899), U.S. Representative from West Virginia
  • Charles C. Smith (Virginia politician), mayor of Newport News, Virginia, 1924–1926
  • Charles C. Smith (Pennsylvania politician) (1908–1970), Pennsylvania state representative
  • Charles Emory Smith (1842–1908), American journalist and politician
  • Charles Henry Smith (1826–1903), Georgia politician and writer under the nom de plume Bill Arp
  • Charles K. Smith (1799–1866), American politician, lawyer, and first secretary of Minnesota Territory
  • Charles L. Smith (1853–?), Canadian politician in New Brunswick
  • Charles Lynwood Smith, Jr. (born 1943), U.S. federal judge
  • Charles Manley Smith (1868–1937), governor of Vermont, 1935–37
  • Charles P. Smith (born 1926), Wisconsin State Treasurer
  • Charles Plympton Smith (born 1954), banker and former member of the Vermont House of Representatives
  • Charles Rhodes Smith (1896–1993), Manitoba politician
  • Charles Robert Smith (1887–1959) British colonial administrator and Governor of North Borneo
  • Charlie Smith (Colorado), Chair of the College Republican National Committee
  • Charles Smith (MP) (1756–1814), Member of Parliament for Saltash, 1796–1802
  • Charles Harding Smith (1931–1997), loyalist leader in Northern Ireland
  • Charles Napier Smith, politician in the Canadian province of Ontario
  • Charles Culling Smith (1775–1853), British politician and courtier

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