Charity Drive - Episode Notes - Callbacks/running Jokes

Callbacks/running Jokes

  • Gob's Segway - Gob is seen riding on his Segway, which he remains on while talking to other characters.
  • From whence it came - When Gob hears from Michael that Tobias drove the staircar back to the airport he uses the phrase "from whence it came," just as he did when throwing a dead dove into the ocean in "Top Banana".
  • "I need a favor" - Michael tells Gob that he needs a favor, a phrase used by many of the members of the Bluth family throughout the series.
  • "I hope you have an exit strategy" - Lucille says this to her housekeeper. It is another reference to the Iraq War.
  • Ice cream - George Sr. doesn't like anybody else driving his car; a flashback shows this is at least partly because Michael spilled ice cream in it. Later, when Michael drives the car, he decides to get ice cream.
  • Mr. Bananagrabber - Gob invents the character of Mr. Bananagrabber as an insult to Michael. The Mr. Bananagrabber commercial appears periodically throughout the rest of the series.
  • Michael the Murderer - Thinking she is Lucille's housekeeper, Michael picks up a woman he doesn't know and tries to give her a ride home. The skeleton in the backseat, spilled red nail polish and shovel make her think Michael is a serial killer. While on the phone with Lindsay, several phrases he utters could sound malevolent; when he drives to the wetlands she is convinced he is a serial killer and flees the car.
  • "No touching!" - When Gob tells George Sr. that George Michael was breaking into the permit office, George Sr., with full awareness of the likely consequences, hits Gob with a newspaper to a chorus of "No touching!" from the guards.

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