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In 2005 Character Options was granted the master toy licence to produce merchandise related to the revived series, Doctor Who. After the success of the Dalek Battle Packs (two remote controlled Daleks with either a Ninth Doctor or Rose Tyler action figure) at the end of 2005, increasingly larger waves of action figures were released in two scales - 5" and 12" - during 2006 and 2007. Representing the first three televised seasons of the revived series, the line has included variants of the Tenth Doctor and Rose, and an extensive representation of the alien enemies encountered since 2005 such as Slitheen, Autons, Clockwork Robots, Scarecrows, Weeping Angels and many many more. Retailers and fans were united in praise for the productions and the action figure range won the Toy Retailers Association's Boys Toy of the Year Award in 2006. Other merchandise released consists of an electronic UV Sonic Screwdriver, electronic TARDIS moneybox and various electronic masks in the forms of Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon helmets and the Dalek Sec Hybrid. Even more figures were produced when Series 4 of the revived series hit our screens. A Collect and Build Vespiform wave was introduced in which customers would have to buy 12 separate figures to collect each part of the Vespiform to complete it. These figures included Sontarans, Vashta Nerada, Ood and the 1st variation of River song which has become one of the rarest figures in the line yet. Character Options also created Box sets of figures that contained 4 figures in each, such as the Stolen Earth set, The Sontaran Stratagem set and the Daleks in Manhattan Set plus many more. With the new series that introduced Matt Smith as the new Doctor, many figures of the 11th Doctor and his companion Amy Pond have been made. These include Many new monsters and Aliens from the Silence to Peg dolls. Another Collect & Build wave was made in which customers would have to buy six separate figures to collect each piece of the Pandorica Cube. Each piece contained a CD that told a classic Doctor Who story. Underground Toys have taken an interest in the current series and teamed up with Character options to produced sets featuring the 11th Doctor's era such as the Victory of the Daleks set, which contained the first Historical action figure, Winston Churchill with a 'Tea Time' Ironside Dalek. After a huge demand for a Rory figure, Character Options released 2 variations of him. One being a general release, and another being a BBC shop online exclusive. A 3rd Variation is believed to be on its way. In mid 2012, A wave of Talking Dalek's was released. These included Dalek's from the classic series and new series with speech from its certain era. In October 2012, Character announced that their range of 5" Action figures would be reduced in size to 3.75". This is for the current series (Series 7) of the New Who range. The classic line of Doctor Who action figures will stay at the same size of 5".

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