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Chappell of Bond Street have been trading in London since 1811, when the original company, Chappell & Co., was founded. Chappell & Co. also published music, but in 1980 Chappell's piano manufacturing and retail business was sold to Kemble & Company who then continued to run the premises under the same name "Chappell of Bond Street". The publishing business of Chappell Music was later taken over by Warner Brothers becoming Warner/Chappell Music. The Bond Street premises were completely refurbished in 1986 to mark the 175th year of trading.

Kemble & Company, a family business, commenced building pianos in the early 1900s and developed into Britain’s largest piano manufacturers, moving to a modern factory in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. In 1966 Kemble & Company became distributors for Yamaha electronic organs. As Yamaha became dominant in other product areas a joint venture company, Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd, was set up to further develop sales in the U.K. market of Yamaha pianos, electronic keyboards, guitars and hi-tech equipment.

In July 2007 the minority Kemble family shareholding was bought out by Yamaha and the company was renamed Yamaha Music (U.K.) Ltd in autumn of 2007. Kemble Music Ltd which owns Chappell of Bond Street is a subsidiary of Yamaha Music (U.K.) Ltd.

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