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Chaos Dwarfs (Warhammer)
... Chaos Dwarfs are a fictional race in the Warhammer Fantasy universe in which they are described as being an off-shoot of the Dwarfs who have been corrupted by ... Chaos Dwarfs differ from normal Dwarfs in that while the latter avoid magic, Chaos Dwarfs are ruled by Sorcerers and have various rules for the use of magic ... Chaos Dwarfs began as optional units played as part of Chaos armies, but were later expanded to become a full army in their own right, though with a redesigned style and new playing ...
Athel Loren - Dwarfs
... The Dwarfs live in city fortresses dug into the mountains of the Old World ... Their Chaos brethren occupy one huge towering city in the lands to the south east of the Old World ... Dwarfs — An ancient, grim, and determined race were integral in the founding of the Empire, the Dwarfs spend their days avenging grudges and counting gold ...
Chaos Dwarfs (Warhammer) - Forces - War Machines
... In the background of the army, Chaos Dwarfs are reported to be great engineers ... Chaos Dwarfs had many more War Machines in the 3rd Edition of Warhammer ... Chaos Dwarfs are also credited with designing and supplying the Juggernaughts of Khorne in earlier lore ...

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