Changing Breed - Source Material - Rokea

Alliances: Beast Courts (Asia, Same-Bito)
Sourcebooks: Werewolf Player's Guide (1995)
Werewolf Player's Guide (2nd Edition) (1998)
Rokea (2001 / ISBN 1-56504-364-2)
Player's Guide to the Changing Breeds (2003)

The Rokea or "were-sharks" are the unquestioned rulers under the waves. They have only a few Kinfolk among humans, and exist mostly among their bestial relations (a reverse of the Hakken situation). Homid Rokea (those born by a Kudago (kinfolk) and a Rokea) are rare and found mostly among the Same Bito, the Rokea of the Hengeyokai. Those who decide to "Swim the Unsea" are hunted without mercy by their kind, which has become a rite of passage among the shark-born Rokea. As a result, theirs is the simplest and most brutal of societies among the Changing Breeds. Rokea see everything in relation to Sea, their Gaia equivalent, who commands them only to survive, and have had little to no contact with Unsea (i.e. dry land) until very recently. Rokea are ageless, they stop aging once they undergo their first change. Rokea have three auspices (though only Homids use the term), based on their complex interpretation of the sun and lunar cycle in Oversea (the sky). They had little involvement in the War of Rage, but they are highly distrustful of everything related to the Unsea and so have poor relations with the Garou and most other Fera (except for some Mokolé).
The Rokea of Asia are names Same-Bito and have a slightly more interaction and better relationships to Unsea dwellers that other Rokea.

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