Champion Warfare

Champion warfare refers to a type of battle, most commonly found in the epic poetry and myth of ancient history, in which the outcome of the conflict is determined by an individual duel between the best soldiers ("champions") from each opposing army. Champion warfare can also refer to a battle in which armies actually engage, but champions within the armies fight so effectively as to single-handedly carry the sway of battle, such as in the Iliad.

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Champion Warfare in Literature
... Numerous instances of champion warfare can be observed in Homer's Iliad, most notably the climactic battle between Achilles and Hector, although there are ... Champion warfare is a common theme in the early books of Livy's history of Rome Ab Urbe Condita ("From the Founding of the City"), including the story of the famous triplets of ... the battle between David and Goliath is an example of champion warfare ...

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    Insurrection—by means of guerrilla bands—is the true method of warfare for all nations desirous of emancipating themselves from a foreign yoke ... It is invincible, indestructible.
    Giuseppe Mazzini (1805–1872)

    What a terrible thing has happened to us all! To you there, to us here, to all everywhere. Peace who was becoming bright-eyed, now sits in the shadow of death; her handsome champion has been killed as he walked by her very side. Her gallant boy is dead. What a cruel, foul, and most unnatural murder! We mourn here with you, poor, sad American people.
    Sean O’Casey (1884–1964)