Chair of The Chamber of Deputies of The Parliament of The Czech Republic

The Chair of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech: Předseda Poslanecké sněmovny parlamentu České republiky) is an elected presiding member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. The current Chair is Miroslava Němcová.

The Chair shall above all:

  • represent the Chamber of Deputies in external affairs,
  • accept the oath of the President of the republic,
  • accept the declaration of the President of the republic, in which he/she resigns from his/her office,
  • nominate the Prime Minister to be appointed by the President of the republic in compliance with the second sentence of Section 4, Article 68 of the Constitution,
  • accept the oath of the members of the Supreme Audit Office,
  • forward all draft bills and all drafts of international treaties that have to be approved by the Parliament to the Senate after their passing/ratification by the Chamber of Deputies,
  • forward all passed bills to the President of the republic for signing,
  • forward all passed bills to the Prime Minister for signing,
  • sign the acts of law and declarations adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and/or other documents issued by the Chamber of Deputies.
  • call an alternate member if a mandate becomes vacant and issue a certificate verifying that he/she has become a Deputy,
  • approve the extradition of any Deputy caught in the course of a criminal offence or immediately afterwards,
  • specify the order, in which the vice-presidents of the Chamber of Deputies are entitled to deputise for him/her,
  • summon, open and close the meetings of the Chamber of Deputies and the joint meetings of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate,
  • summon the Chamber of Deputies before the agreed date if it is in recess,
  • interrupt the meetings of the Chamber of Deputies in the event of disruptions or if the Chamber of Deputies does not constitute a quorum,
  • appoint and recall the Secretary General.

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