Chaim Dov Keller - Recognition By Agudath Israel

Recognition By Agudath Israel

With the passage of time, and as a relatively significant number of alumni graduated from the Telshe yeshiva in Chicago, it added to the reputations of its founders in the world of (New York-based) Agudath Israel of America to which they belong. While Rabbi Avraham Chaim Levin was elevated to a seat on the exclusive American Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah ("Council of Torah Sages") of Agudath Israel of America, Rabbi Keller became a member of its "Nesius" ("Presidium"), a lesser yet still prestigious appointment. Thus at Agudath Israel's premier event, its annual convention, Rabbi Keller has frequently been one of the official rabbis and rosh yeshivas designated to give official speeches or lecture, such as at the: 77th Agudah convention in 1999 (symposium, "Drawing Lines, Drawing Near -- Securing The Future Of American Jewry"); 80th Agudah convention in 2002 (plenary session, "What in the World is Going On? -- Searching for Meaning in the Maelstrom"); 83rd Agudah convention in 2005 ("Shabbat speakers");

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