CGE may refer to:

  • Canadian General Electric
  • Compagnie Générale des Eaux, renamed Vivendi SA in 1998 and merged with Canal+ and Seagram in 2000 to become Vivendi Universal
  • Compagnie Générale d'Electricité, now Alcatel
  • Compagnia Generale di Elettricità S.p.A. was Italian company, primarily owned and managed by General Electric, USA.
Computing and mathematical modelling
  • Constituent Grammatical Evolution, evolutionary algorithm.
  • Computer generated environment
  • Computable general equilibrium models, in economics.
  • Conférence des grandes écoles
  • Certificate of Education a British qualification
  • The Center for Gifted Education
  • Central Government Expenditures.
  • Conservative Group for Europe, known since April 2009 as Conservative Europe Group

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Ateliers De Constructions Electriques De Charleroi - History - ACEC Breakup, 1970-1989
... Charleroi in 1971, and acquired by Compagnie Générale d'Electricité (CGE) in 1986, as of 2012 a factory in Charleroi is part of Nexans Benelux (Nexans group) and manufacturers medium and high ... Many of the company's divisions were acquired by CGE subsidiaries (Alstom, Alcatel) ... The automation and energy divisions became majority owned by CGEE Alsthom (CGE subsidiary) as ACEC Automatisme SA, and ACEC Energie SA ...
Computable General Equilibrium - Comparative-static and Dynamic CGE Models
... Many CGE models are comparative-static they model the reactions of the economy at only one point in time ... By contrast, dynamic CGE models explicitly trace each variable through time—often at annual intervals ... Recursive-dynamic CGE models are those that can be solved sequentially (one period at a time) ...
Computable General Equilibrium - Overview
... A CGE model consists of (a) equations describing model variables and (b) a database (usually very detailed) consistent with the model equations ... However, most CGE models conform only loosely to the theoretical general equilibrium paradigm ... of taxes externalities, such as pollution A CGE model database consists of tables of transaction values, showing, for example, the value of coal used by the iron industry ...
Compagnia Generale Di Elettricità
... The company was widely know in Italy as simple acronym CGE, it was primarily owned and managed by General Electric USA ... CGE manufactured electrical applications, simple high voltage transformers, generators, powerplants and engines for trains and trolleybuses in particular ... In the transport sector, CGE was well known for its electric components that equipped many rolling stocks, trolley buses, railway and locomotive applications ...
Computable General Equilibrium - Solution Techniques
... Early CGE models were often solved by a program custom-written for that particular model ... Today most CGE models are formulated and solved using one of the GEMPACK or GAMS software systems ... Use of such systems has lowered the cost of entry to CGE modelling allowed model simulations to be independently replicated and increased the transparency of the models ...