Cessna 425 - Transition To Conquest I

Transition To Conquest I

Buyers were not satisfied with the 425 Corsair, having complaints such as it needed more room in the cabin or the max takeoff weight wasn’t high enough. So Cessna started working on some upgrades that would allow more cabin space and passengers. Essentially, the upgrades increased max takeoff weight. This plane was still called a 425 series; however, it was named the 425 Conquest I. That name previously belonged to the Cessna 441. However, upon the upgrade of the 425, they began calling it the Conquest I and calling the 441 the Conquest II. Designers increased the max takeoff weight in 1983 from 8,200 pounds up to 8,600 pounds, allowing the plane to take off with more weight on board. This allowed the plane to be able to carry one pilot and usually four passengers. Cessna did consider the owners of the older model Corsair’s, making a service kit for those that would allow the max takeoff weight to be upgraded to the same as the Conquest I. Most Corsair’s in the United States have been upgraded with only a few or possibly none still existing with the lower takeoff weight.

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