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Ceramic Capacitor - Electrical Characteristics - Temperature Dependence of Capacitance
... The capacitance of a capacitor varies with the temperature ... The different dielectrics of the many capacitor types show great differences in the temperature dependence of the capacitance ... per million (ppm) per degree Celsius for class 1 ceramic capacitors or in percent (%) over the total temperature range for class 2 capacitors ...
Construction and Styles - Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC Chips) - Mechanical Susceptibility
... Ceramic is on the one hand a very solid material on the other hand, it breaks even at relatively low mechanical stress ... test Correct mounted and soldered MLCC chip on a PCB Micrograph of broken ceramic in a MLCC chip Simplified figure of a bending test for soldered MLCC The capability of MLCC chips to withstand mechanical ... If no crack appears, the capacitors are able to withstand the wanted requirements ...

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