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Ceramic Power Capacitors

  • Different styles of ceramic capacitors for power electronic
  • Doorknop type high voltage ceramic capacitor

  • Disc type power ceramic capacitor

  • Tubular or pot type power ceramic capacitor

Related to the above described smaller ceramic capacitors are the power ceramic capacitors. Although the materials used for large power ceramic capacitors mostly are very similar to those used for smaller ones, the ceramic capacitors with high to very high power or voltage ratings for applications in power systems, transmitters and electrical installations are often classified separately, for historical reasons. The standardization of ceramic capacitors for lower power is oriented toward electrical and mechanical parameters as components for use in electronic equipment. The standardization of power capacitors, contrary to that, is strongly focused on rules for the safety of personnel and equipment, given by the local regulating authority.

As modern electronic equipment gained the capacity to handle power levels that were previously the exclusive domain of "electrical power" components, the distinction between the "electronic" and "electrical" power ratings has become less distinct. In the past, the boundary between these two families was approximately at a reactive power of 200 volt-amps, but modern power electronics can handle increasing amounts of power.

Power ceramic capacitors are mostly specified much higher than 200 volt-amps. The great plasticity of ceramic raw material and the high dielectric strength of ceramic delivers ideal solutions for many special applications and is the reason for the enormous diversity of styles within the family of power ceramic capacitors. These power capacitors have been on the market a very long time. They are produced according to the requirements as class 1 power ceramic capacitors with high stability and low losses or class 2 power ceramic capacitors with high volumetric efficiency.

Class 1 power ceramic capacitors are used for resonant circuit application in transmitter stations. Class 2 power ceramic capacitors are used for power circuit breakers, for power distribution lines, for high voltage power supply in laser-applications, for induction furnaces and in voltage-doubling circuits. Power ceramic capacitors can be supplied with high rated voltages in the range of 2 kV up to 100 kV.

The dimensions of these power ceramic capacitors can be very large for applications with high voltage or high power demand. At high power applications the losses of these capacitors can generate a lot of heat. For this reason some special styles of power ceramic capacitors have pipes for water-cooling.

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