Cephalic Presentation - Classification - Face Presentation

Face Presentation

Factors that predispose to face presentation are prematurity, macrosomia, anencephaly and other malformations, cephalopelvic disproportion, and polyhydramnios. In an uncomplicated face presentation duration of labor is not altered. Perinatal losses with face presentation occur with traumatic version and extraction and midforceps procedures Duff indicates that the prevalence of face presentations is about 1/500–600., while Benedetti et al. found it to be 1/1,250 term deliveries.

Face presentations are classified according to the position of the chin (mentum):

  • Left Mento-Anterior (LMA), Left Mento-Posterior (LMP), Left Mento-Transverse (LMT);
  • Right Mento-Anterior (RMA), Right Mento-Posterior (RMP), Right Mento-Transverse (RMT);

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