Central Lonsdale

Central Lonsdale is a precinct in the city of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It extends from Keith Road to Highway 1 near 24th Street. Central Lonsdale is somewhat densely populated, having many apartment buildings and stores on Lonsdale Avenue.

Neighbourhoods in the City and District of North Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Blueridge
  • Boulevard
  • Canyon Heights
  • Capilano
  • Central Lonsdale
  • Cleveland Park
  • Cove Cliff
  • Deep Cove
  • Delbrook
  • Edgemont Village
  • Forest Hills
  • Hamilton
  • Keith Lynn
  • Lionsview
  • Lower Lonsdale
  • Lynn Creek
  • Lynnmour
  • Lynn Valley
  • Maplewood
  • Norgate
  • Pemberton
  • Pemberton Heights
  • Queensbury
  • Riverside
  • Seymour
  • Strathcona
  • Upper Lonsdale
First Nations
  • Burrard Reserve
  • Squamish Nation

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