Central Figure

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Gate Of The Sun - Figures On Gate of The Sun
... The lintel is carved with 48 squares surrounding a central figure ... All look to the central figure, whose identity remains an enigma ... It is a figure of a man with the head surrounded by 24 linear rays that may represent rays of solar light ...
Muiredach's High Cross - Description of Panels - West-face
... The central figure is Christ upon the cross ... On the outside of the lance-bearer and sponge-bearer are two small figures—a woman, and a man kneeling on one knee, probably representing the Virgin Mary and John ... The central figure (Christ) is seated a footstool shaped like an animal's head appears between his feet ...

Famous quotes containing the words figure and/or central:

    One figure can sometimes add up to a lot.
    Wesley Ruggles, U.S. screenwriter. Tira (Mae West)

    The central paradox of motherhood is that while our children become the absolute center of our lives, they must also push us back out in the world.... But motherhood that can narrow our lives can also broaden them. It can make us focus intensely on the moment and invest heavily in the future.
    Ellen Goodman (20th century)