Central Bank of The Islamic Republic of Iran - Governors of The Central Bank of Iran

Governors of The Central Bank of Iran

The President of Iran proposes a person as the governor of CBI, who must be verified by the general assembly and appointed as per a presidential decree. The governors of Central Bank of Iran are as follows:

Governor Date
Ebrahim Kashani 1960
Ali Asghar Poor Homayoon 1961
Mahdi Samii 1964
Khodadad Farmanfarmayan 1969
Mahdi Samii 1970
Abdolali Jahanshahi 1971
Mohammad Yeganeh 1973
Hassan-Ali Mehran 1975
Yoosef Khoshkish 1978
Mohammad Ali Molavi 1979
Alireza Nobari 1979
Mohsen Nourbakhsh 1981
Majid Ghasemi 1986
Seyed Mohammad Hossein Adeli 1989
Mohsen Nourbakhsh 1994
Mohammad Javad Vahhaji (acting) 2003
Ebrahim Sheibani 2003
Tahmasb Mazaheri 2007
Mahmoud Bahmani 2008

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