Centered Heptagonal

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Centered Heptagonal Number - Centered Heptagonal Prime
... A centered heptagonal prime is a centered heptagonal number that is prime ... The first few centered heptagonal primes are 43, 71, 197, 463, 547, 953, 1471, 1933, 2647, 2843, 3697.. ... (sequence A144974 in OEIS) and centered heptagonal twin prime numbers are 43, 71, 197, 463, 1933, 5741, 8233, 9283, 11173, 14561, 34651.. ...

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    The difference between style and taste is never easy to define, but style tends to be centered on the social, and taste upon the individual. Style then works along axes of similarity to identify group membership, to relate to the social order; taste works within style to differentiate and construct the individual. Style speaks about social factors such as class, age, and other more flexible, less definable social formations; taste talks of the individual inflection of the social.
    John Fiske (b. 1939)