Centaur (minor Planet) - Notable Centaurs

Notable Centaurs

Well-known centaurs include:

Name Year Discoverer Half-life
55576 Amycus 2002 NEAT at Palomar 11.1 Myr UE
54598 Bienor 2000
10370 Hylonome 1995 Mauna Kea Observatory 6.3 Myr UN
10199 Chariklo 1997 Spacewatch 10.3 Myr U
8405 Asbolus 1995 Spacewatch (James V. Scotti) 0.86 Myr SN
7066 Nessus 1993 Spacewatch (David L. Rabinowitz) 4.9 Myr SE
5145 Pholus 1992 Spacewatch (David L. Rabinowitz) 1.28 Myr SN
2060 Chiron 1977 Charles T. Kowal 1.03 Myr SU

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