Cell (novel) - Characters


  • Clayton Riddell: a graphic artist separated from his family in Boston as the Pulse destroys civilization. Clay heads north with a group of survivors and tries to find his son, Johnny .
  • Tom McCourt: a middle-aged man from Malden, Tom teams up with Clay in the initial chaos created by the Pulse. With Clay and Alice, he travels to his home in Malden. Then, they move on north where they meet others. He remains with the group until after Kashwak when he survives and leaves Clay along with Jordan, Denise and Dan.
  • Alice Maxwell: a 15-year-old girl, Alice teams up with Clay and Tom to head north. She forces her anxiety and trauma into an abandoned child's Nike shoe which helps her cope with the atrocities committed by the phoners. Alice remains an important part of the group until she is murdered by two loutish normals who are later forced to commit suicide by the phoners for harming Alice, an untouchable.
  • Jordan: a 12-year-old-boy studying at prep school that was devastated by the Pulse, Jordan faithfully remains with the headmaster, Charles Ardai, until they destroy the flock at the school and Ardai is driven to suicide by the phoners. Jordan remains with the group and provides the intellectual theory and comparison of the effects of the Pulse to that of a worm in a computer.
  • Charles Ardai: the headmaster of Jordan's prep school, Ardai is a father figure to Jordan and cares for the group. They manage to destroy a flock of phoners, but then Ardai is telepathically forced to commit suicide.
  • Dan: a survivor and part of another flock killing group, Dan is intelligent and joins the group as they head to Kashwak. He ultimately survives and leaves Clay with Jordan, Denise and Tom.
  • Denise: a pregnant survivor and part of another flock killing group, Denise joins the group with Dan and Ray and ultimately survives with them. She is described by Clay as a strong-willed woman and leaves her with Tom, Jordan and Dan after Kashwak.
  • Ray Huizenga: a construction worker who specialized in explosives, Ray was one of the flock killers with Dan and Denise but has a plan regarding Kashwak. He gives Clay vague instructions about the plan before committing suicide with a pistol in order to mask his plans from the phoners. This ultimately saves the entire group.
  • The Raggedy Man/President of Harvard: the main antagonist of the book, he wears a torn red Harvard hoodie and was described as African-American with a mutilated face. He is the telepathic speaker of the horde of phoners that Clay's group encounters. He is ultimately killed in Kashwak.
  • Sharon Riddell: Clay's wife who lives in Maine with his son Johnny, Sharon was one of the phoners and was spotted by her son, Johnny. Johnny mentioned this to Clay in a note. Clay later saw her in Kashwak and saw what she had become because of the Pulse.
  • Johnny Riddell: sometimes called "Johnny-Gee" by Clay, Johnny lived in Maine and possessed a red cell phone which made Clay constantly worry. Johnny remained normal until he and other refugees were exposed to the Pulse in Kashwak. Clay eventually finds him at the end of the novel as a tame phoner.
  • "Pixie Light": a teenage girl spotted by Clay in Boston and dubbed Pixie Light because of her haircut and hair color, this girl was one of the first victims of the Pulse and attacked another phoner seconds after listening to the Pulse on her cell phone. Pixie Light tore out the phoner's neck with her teeth and was knocked unconscious by Clay before she could do any more harm and was left on the streets of Boston.
  • "Pixie Dark": a teenage girl spotted by Clay in Boston who was named for reasons similar to Pixie Light, Pixie Dark was Pixie Light's friend and only heard a small dose of the Pulse via Pixie Light's cell phone. Instead of going completely crazy like her friend, Pixie Dark's brain was erased by the Pulse and she lost her mind, running off in Boston shouting "Who am I?". She is referenced several times throughout the book by Clay.

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