Cell Lineage Restriction

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Zona Limitans Intrathalamica - Discovery
... Cell lineage restriction boundaries, across which replicating cells cannot migrate, were first discovered in invertebrates, where the expression of various Hox ... of the brain were examined in search of other cell lineage restriction boundaries, and multiple potential boundaries continue to be studied (see ... was first discovered in the chick using explant and lineage-labeling experiments ...
Zona Limitans Intrathalamica - Developmental Boundaries
... During development in both vertebrates and invertebrates, cell lineage restriction boundaries and signaling centers are formed in order to ensure proper differentiation of the ... have been studied within the forebrain alone, the confirmed cell lineage restriction boundaries are the pallial-subpallial boundary (PSB) dividing the dorsal and ventral telencephalon ... Other developmental boundaries serve as cell-lineage restriction boundaries but not signaling centers, while others are signaling centers to and from which cells can migrate ...

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    If we can find a principle to guide us in the handling of the child between nine and eighteen months, we can see that we need to allow enough opportunity for handling and investigation of objects to further intellectual development and just enough restriction required for family harmony and for the safety of the child.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    Why inspire in us a horror of our being?... To look upon the universe as a prison cell and all men as criminals about to be executed is the idea of a fanatic.
    Voltaire [Fran├žois Marie Arouet] (1694–1778)

    I declare
    Two lineages electrify the air,
    That will like pennons from a mast
    Fly over sleep and life and death
    Till sun is powerless to decoy
    A single seed above the earth:
    Lineage of sorrow: lineage of joy....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)