Celje - Notable Residents

Notable Residents

  • Hermann II of Celje (1365–1435), Count of Celje, Ortenburg and Seger
  • Anna of Celje (1381–1416), second wife of Jogaila - king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania
  • Barbara of Celje (1390/1395-1451), second wife of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Ulrich II of Celje (1406–1456), Count of Celje
  • Thomas Berlower (Thomas of Cilli) (1421–1496), Bishop of Konstanz from 1491–1496
  • Ambrosy of Belaya Crintsa (Ambrosy of Belaya Crintsa) (1791–1863), Old Believers Bishop
  • Johann Krainz(1847–1907), Austrian writer ("Hans von der Sann")
  • Vatroslav Oblak (1864–1896), linguist
  • Josip Tominšek (1872–1954), linguist and alpinist
  • Cvetko Golar (1879–1965), poet and author
  • Margarete Weinhandl(1880–1975), Austrian writer
  • Vladimir Levstik (1886–1957), author and translator
  • August Friedrich Seebacher (1887–1940), painter and graphic artist
  • Alma Karlin (1889–1950), traveller, author, poet, and collector
  • Anica Černej (1900–1944), poet, author, and schoolmistress
  • Thea Gammelin (1906–1988), painter
  • Igor Grdina (born 1965), historian, literary historian and librettist
  • Josef Kaiser (1910–1991), architect
  • Darinka Pavletič-Lorenčak (born 1924), painter and graphic artist, poet, honorary citizen of Celje
  • Andrej Hieng (born 1925), author
  • Lojze Rozman (1930–1997), actor
  • Milan Pogačnik (born 1946), politician
  • Janez Drozg (1933–2005), film director
  • Emerik Bernard (born 1937), painter
  • Janez K. Lapajne (1937-2012), geophysicist and seismologist (born in Celje, not a resident)
  • Janez Drnovšek (1950–2008), politician, statesman, and third president of Slovenia
  • Bina Štampe Žmavc (born 1951), poet and author
  • Brina Zupančič (born 1953), pianist and composer
  • Jelko Kacin (born 1955), politician
  • Oto Pestner (born 1956), musician and singer
  • Romana Jordan Cizelj (born 1966), physicist and politician
  • Janez Lapajne (born 1967), film director (born in Celje, not a resident)
  • Gregor Cankar (born 1975), athlete
  • Jolanda Čeplak (born 1976), athlete
  • Urška Žolnir (born 1981), judoist
  • Beno Udrih (born 1982), basketball player
  • Lucija Polavder (born 1984), judoka
  • Vita Mavrič, chanteuse and singer
  • Janko Orožen, historian
  • Andreja Rihter, minister of culture of Slovenia
  • Draža Mihailović (1893–1946), Serbian resistance leader
  • Bogumil Vošnjak (1882–1955), scholar, politician, diplomat

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