CCTV-1 is the primary channel of the Chinese television network, CCTV in the People's Republic of China. It has a mixture of all kinds of television programs, and is available to both cable and terrestrial television viewers.

CCTV-1 by Zhongxing 6B, in the Zhongxing-6, Zhongxing-9 and Sino-3 covering the whole country of satellite television, free broadcast of satellite signal lock. Prior to 1973, it has only one channel of CCTV. It is also one of the most widely used channel for the spread of CCTV, in large cities only need an indoor antenna can receive. The launch of Zhongxing-9 satellite, making 98% of users through a 0.45 m satellite antenna to watch free satellite programs in the Zhongxing-6, including CCTV-1.

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