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CBS Reports is the umbrella title used for documentaries by CBS News which aired starting in 1959 through the 1990s. The series sometimes aired as a wheel series rotating with 60 Minutes (or other similar CBS News series), as a series of its own or as specials. The program aired as a constant series from 1959 to 1971. Notable episodes include "Harvest of Shame", a Peabody Award-winning examination of migrant workers in the United States, and "CBS Reports: The Homosexuals", the first time homosexuality was presented on a national network broadcast. "The Homosexuals" has been heavily criticized for promoting a negative view of gay Americans.

The CBS Reports banner was brought back into use in 2009, with the series CBS Reports: Children of the Recession. Instead of being a stand-alone documentary, the new incarnation consisted of reports across all CBS News platforms. Katie Couric led coverage. The series of reports won the a Columbia School of Journalism Alfred DuPont Award.

In January 2010, a second Couric-led series aired, CBS Reports: Where America Stands.

A portion of the traditional American religious song Simple Gifts (specifically, in the early years of the series, as adapted by American classical composer Aaron Copland for his ballet Appalachian Spring) is used as the CBS Reports theme music.

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... Quick and the Dead, Friendly was recruited to work full-time for CBS by news executive Sig Mickelson ... That fall, Murrow and Friendly collaborated to produce a CBS Radio documentary series inspired by their record albums—a weekly show called Hear It Now that was hosted by ... Now ended in the Summer of 1958, Murrow and Friendly worked together on its successor, CBS Reports, although Friendly alone was executive producer and Murrow no more than an occasional reporter and ...
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