CBS Radio Mystery Theater - Continuing Popularity

Continuing Popularity

From June 3 to November 27, 1998, CBSRMT was rebroadcast over CBS affiliates and, in 2000, on some NPR stations, in both cases with Himan Brown replacing the narration portions of E.G. Marshall.

CBSRMT remains perennially popular with collectors to this day, with numerous websites, discussion forums and a Usenet newsgroup devoted to trading MP3 files of episodes. Some programs were taped with news and commercials embedded, providing an insight into the period when the show first aired. While some may judge CBSRMT as inferior to similar shows from the past such as Inner Sanctum Mysteries, The Mysterious Traveler, and Suspense, which were produced in a 30-minute format, such comparisons must take into account the sheer prodigiousness of production by Brown and his players. At the rate of one show per day, it would take nearly four years to listen to each of the 1,399 hour-long episodes of CBSRMT.

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