CBS Paramount Domestic Television

CBS Paramount Domestic Television (CPDT) was an American television distribution company/production that was formed on January 17, 2006 and owned by CBS Corporation, which existed mainly as an interim transition company shortly after the split of the original Viacom into the current Viacom and CBS Corporation, where CBS took the majority of Viacom's broadcast television assets, including Paramount Television.

The company distributed television series from Desilu Productions, Paramount Television, Viacom Productions, Republic Pictures Television, Big Ticket Television, CBS Productions (pre-1982 series), Spelling Television, DreamWorks Television (after Viacom acquired DreamWorks), Group W Productions, its own series, and the film libraries from Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks (distributed in association with Tribune Entertainment), Republic Pictures and CBS movies, among others.

On September 4, 2006, CBS Corporation announced that King World and CBS Paramount Television's broadcast syndication operations would be combined to form CBS Television Distribution. Roger King was announced as the CEO of the new group.

CPDT kept its on-screen identity for its television programs until August 20, 2007 when CBS Television Distribution's logo debuted on Entertainment Tonight.

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