CBL - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Calculator-Based Laboratory
  • Cambuslang railway station, an UK railway station
  • Cannabicyclol, a cannabinoid found in Cannabis
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms (music)
  • Carl Barks Library
  • CBL & Associates Properties
  • CBL, the ticker symbol for CBL & Associates Properties, Inc.
  • The Cbl gene found in mammals
  • Cement bond log
  • Central Bank of Liberia
  • Cerebellum
  • Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
  • Chester Beatty Library
  • Claire Booth Luce
  • Composite Blocking List
  • Computer Based Learning
  • Confidence-Based Learning
  • Controlled buoyant lift, an underwater diver rescue technique used in recreational scuba diving
  • Cross-body lead, a dance move
  • Cross-border leasing
  • Conemaugh and Black Lick Railroad, a defunct railroad in Pennsylvania
  • Choice-based lettings (see Public Housing#United Kingdom)

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